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Ensemble de produits de maquillage de la gamme JCH Respect, type vernis à ongle, pinceaux, fards à paupières, illuminateurs et poudre compacte


Realizing the environmental impact on our small scale, we decided to set up a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. Because we can take care of ourselves and the planet at the same time, we are committed to various concrete actions which we are proud to present to you.

Reduction of waste and packaging

We have removed plastic from our business! We reuse the receipt boxes for our packages in order to recycle as much as possible. No more plastic or bubble wrap, we only use kraft. In addition, we have set up a skip for sorting cardboard/paper waste.

Our packaging is 100% kraft, i.e. 100% recyclable. We use vegetable inks which do not contain mineral oil as a thinner but only vegetable oils in order to reduce the production of polluting products in the environment.

The transport of our goods is only done by boat. Which is by far the cleanest transport compared to the train, truck or plane.

Explanations by infographic of the reduction of waste and packaging. Comparison between freight transport.

Finally, our parcels are sent by colissimo and green letter which are CO2 neutral thanks to La Poste's carbon reduction and compensation efforts.

Our increasingly green premises

Our warehouse located in IS EN BASSIGNY in the middle of the fields is mowed in a very natural way by a herd of sheep. It also has new double glazed windows to reduce our energy consumption.

Our radiators have been replaced by more economical and environmentally friendly devices since they can be programmed.

Our lights are LED lights that consume less than a conventional bulb.

Our head office is close to public transport and it is possible to eat on site in order to avoid travel.  We have also set up a few days of teleworking for people living far from the company.

We mainly drink tap water in glass bottles purified with ceramic beads in order to eliminate plastic from our daily lives as much as possible.

We adhere to RECYGO for the recycling of all our papers.

Label RECYGO is a joint venture created by La Poste and SUEZ in 2018 to accelerate the deployment of sorting and recycling in the office, everywhere in France.
Ensemble de produits eco durable de la marque JCH Respect, type brosse à cheveux, recourbe-cils, gants à écrins et coupe ongles.

Respectful beauty

Our products are made from sustainable materials such as cotton, wood or even recyclable steel. Our range is deliberately reduced to offer only the essentials.

Our accessories are made to adapt our consumption patterns to today's challenges and allow everyone to limit the production of household waste.

We try as much as possible to manufacture our products in Europe, it still remains a challenge for us even if we are constantly evolving on the subject.
We favor our more expensive and higher quality European products even if the competition is very tough. Our products from China are checked and we make sure to work only with audited factories that respect the women and men who work there.

Our priority, satisfying the customer and the planet

Our prices are assessed as fairly as possible so that each actor is satisfied, from the supplier to the buyer and ending with the consumer.

We try our best to meet customer demand by finding alternatives to disposable products such as make-up remover discs, make-up remover gloves or ear picks that replace cotton swabs. Reactive and involved, we do our best to satisfy our customers while taking care to choose eco-friendly products.

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